2009 White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week

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The Knights and CSA White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week will start this Sunday.

There will be a table at the spaghetti supper with additional information on the project.

Please see the schedule of events below to help spread awareness and to pray for all of those affected by this damaging industry.

Ribbons, prayer cards, and literature will be available on all days.

These events are all at St. Paul's Parish, 29 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA

Sunday, 2/8 - Healing Mass, 5PM, Lower Church

Monday, 2/9 - "Pornography on the Mind and Spirit," Fr. Joe Arsenault, 7PM, DiGiovanni Hall

Tuesday, 2/10 - Recitation of the Rosary, 7PM, Parish Center Chapel

Wednesday, 2/11 - "Pornography and Relationships," Bro. David Franks, Ph.D., 7PM, DiGiovanni Hall

Thursday, 2/12 - Holy Hour of Reparation, 9PM, Parish Center Chapel

Friday, 2/13 - Catholic Film Series event at 8-11PM, Student Lounge: "Somebody's Daughter," a documentary about the effects of pornography on relationships and family life.

Catholic News Agency: "A Catholic apostolate is trying to help those caught in the grips of pornography addiction" [Source]. The apostolate, called Serenellians, is web-based and began in 2002 by Paul Rasvage, an oil refinery engineer, family man and a reformed pornography addict. The group derives its name from Alessandro Serenelli, who killed St. Maria Goretti in a fit of lust and later repented. The link to the Serenellians is here.