2010 White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week

Our Brothers Knights, in collaboration with the Harvard-Radcliffe Student Association and True Love Revolution, cordially welcome everyone to the 2010 White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week. This is an annual campus-wide initiative to address the dangers of pornography affecting both men and women.

Please see the schedule of events below and come help spread awareness and pray for all of those affected by this damaging industry; also, please sign-up via our Doodle Poll to help work our table outside of the Science Center. Ribbons and literature are available at all of our events. Free and open to the community!


Sunday, 2/14: St. Valentine's Day Healing Mass, 5PM, St. Paul Lower Church.

Monday, 2/15: "Habits of the Heart: Pornography and Vocation," Drs. Angela and David Franks.
PM, DiGiovanni Hall, St. Paul Church, in collaboration with the Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Student Association.
Moderators: Juan Carmona, Grand Knight of the Harvard Knights of Columbus Council, and Christina Giordano, Leadership Team Member of the Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Student Association.

Description: This talk explores important Catholic themes, such as Theology of the Body, exegesis of Ephesians, Church teaching, and an introduction to vocational realism, i.e., that the Father has from all eternity a certain idea of each of us and of our respective vocations to love. Moreover, this talk will discuss what kinds of Christian practices are vital to cultivate the virtues necessary for becoming a self-giving person, concentrating on how destructive pornography is to our human capacity for making a genuine gift of self. At the conclusion of this joint talk, David will lead a small-group discussion for men and Angela will do the same for the women.

Tuesday, 2/16 - "Libertarianism vs. Human Freedom: The Case of Pornography," Dr. David Franks. Crimson article.
7:30-8:30pm, Harvard Hall 104, in collaboration with Harvard's True Love Revolution.
Moderator: Leo Keliher, President of True Love Revolution and Social Chairman of the Harvard Knights of Columbus Council.

Description: Is there really a "right to watch pornography"? What particular view of human nature and rights, of human dignity and freedom, of sexuality and government is epitomized in such a bourgeois formulation? Concretely, whose interests are served by such a putative right? Critical consciousness is necessary to see that-right, left, or center-the hegemonic ideology operative in our culture is libertarianism. And under this aegis, our deepest desires are shaped through depersonalizing consumerist practices, including porn. What we need is a liberated, realist understanding of the body and of the body politic: beyond ideology into true human love.

Wednesday, 2/17: Recitation of the Holy Rosary, 7PM, St. Paul Student Chapel, all are invited to join us for prayer and reflection. To enroll in the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary, please visit here; to become a member of the Universal Living Rosary Association, please visit here.

Thursday, 2/18: "Somebody's Daughter," a documentary about the effects of pornography on relationships and family life,
PM, DiGiovanni Hall, St. Paul Church, in collaboration with the Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Student Association.

Speaker Biographies

Angela Franks, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in theology from Boston College and a M.A. in philosophy from the Catholic University of America. She served, with her husband David, as the coordinator for the Massachusetts Catholic Conference Marriage Initiative, entitled The Future Depends on Love, and they co-hosted a series of the same name on CatholicTV. Currently, she and David are the associate directors for the Master of Arts in Ministry program of St. John’s Seminary in Boston, and she teaches college courses in theology for several institutions. Angela is in demand as a speaker, author, and teacher. She is the author of Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Legacy: The Control of Female Fertility (2005), an acclaimed work (purchase/review here). She writes and speaks on abortion, eugenics, the Theology of the Body, marriage, Humanae vitae, the life issues, and feminism, among other topics.

J. David Franks, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in theology from Boston College. He is a full-time Faculty member of Saint John’s Seminary in Boston, teaching courses in systematic and moral theology, and is also, with his wife, Associate Director of the Seminary’s Lay-formation Program. Deeply committed to advancing a truly emancipatory feminism, he employs a Christian critique of ideology that combines scholarly expertise in philosophy and theology with a passion for social justice. He is an esteemed fellow brother Knight of Columbus and serves as a Trustee of Pope John Paul II Council at Harvard University. David and Angela are the proud parents of four children.

Important Resources

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