Harvard Council Welcomes Eleven New Members

It is with tremendous joy that we welcome the following ELEVEN new members to our Council!
Indeed, these fine Catholic gentlemen are a valued addition to our brotherhood and community at St. Paul Parish:

Adan Acevedo, William Gallagher, Joey Gruber, Fuyuo Nagayama, Kurt Oppermann, Theodor Rüber, Michael Sechrist, Ronald Sibugan, William Spearman, Patrick Spence, and John Trecker.

Congratulations to you all, Spring 2010 Class of St. Michael the Archangel, Prince of the Heavenly Host!

Please click on the Council photograph above to enlarge.

Thus, we are pleased to conclude our 2010 Spring Rush. All eligible men are invited to apply in the Fall Semester for membership into the Council; general information on how to do so is below. Please note that all of our events, with the exception of the First Degree, which is intended for new members, are all open to the public. Please check back for any changes/updates. Thank you!

St. Michael, Patron of Spring '10 Council Rush

San Miguel Arcángel, c. 1615, Oil on wood, Museo Nacional de Arte/INBA, Mexico City