3/6: Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Bill Hearing

We just learned that the Judiciary Committee will hear the Bill, which is the same as the ballot question on doctor-prescribed suicide, H3884, on March 6th at 1:00pm, Room A2. Full text of H3884 is LINKED HERE as a PDF.

H3884: An Act Relative to Death with Dignity
Initiative petition of Marcia Angell and others for the passage of An Act relative to death with dignity (House, No. 3884).

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. We will need a major presence. 
The legislature could pass H3884 and it would be all over.

If you are a physician, please visit www.doctorsagainstsuicide.com. Drs. John Howland, Mark Rollo, and many others are doing a stellar job of identifying physicians in the state who are opposed to doctor-prescribed suicide.

If you are an attorney or law student, you are invited to the Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCFL) office at the Schrafft Center in Charlestown at 6pm on Thursday, February 16th for a special evening. Jennifer Popik, JD, from the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics in DC, is coming to give a legal analysis of the proposed law in Massachusetts. Jennifer and the Center have been involved in all the other states where doctor-prescribed suicide has come up. She will go into many interesting aspects of the proposal. I hope this will help prepare you to speak out and write Letters to the Editor. Please RSVP by writing to  jcallahan [at] masscitizensforlife [dot] org or by calling 617-242-4199, X 230 to let us know you are coming, given that MCFL will provide a light supper.

If you are a nurse or a pharmacist, or a student in either profession, you are invited to the MCFL office at the Schrafft Center in Charlestown from 9:30am to 11:30 am on Saturday, February 18th. We will talk about the petition, it implications for you and what you can do as an individual and as part of a nurses' or pharmacists' group. Please note that retired professionals are every bit as necessary as those still in the field. There is no protection to keep pharmacists from being required to fill those deadly prescriptions!

Please pass this along to all doctors, lawyers, nurses, and pharmacists 
whom you know and anyone else who might want to testify.

For more information about the Pro-Life cause in Massachusetts 
or to get involved please visit our website at massprolife.com.