2/5: Ten New Brothers Join Council - Spring 2012

It is with tremendous joy that we welcome the following TEN new
Brothers to the Harvard Council! Indeed, these fine Catholic gentlemen are a
valued addition to our fraternity and community at St. Paul Parish:

Br. William Gunther, Br. Derek Bekebrede, Br. Ryan Jones
Br. Mat Schnorenberg, Br. Stephen Morrison, Br. Jose Bengochea, 

Br. William Horton, Br. Jonathan Priest, Br. Andrew Tsavaris, and Br. Andy Rota

Congratulations to you all, 
Spring 2012 Rush Class I of Blessed Pius IX

We are thus pleased to conclude our 2012 Spring Rush I.
All eligible gentlemen are invited to apply on an individual basis this
semester or wait until the Spring Rush Week II; if interested,
please contact us at HarvardKnights [at] gmail.com

If you haven't already, you can REGISTER HERE to join our e-mail list.
Also, please check back for updates to our Spring Calendar. Thank you!

Blessed Pope Pius IX,
Patron of Spring Rush I: Ora pro nobis!
A copy of our Holy Patron's SYLLABUS OF ERRORS is linked.