8/14: Knights Mourn Passing of Nellie Gray


Knights Mourn Passing of Nellie Gray

Statement of Supreme Knight Carl Anderson:

Nellie Grey
It is with great sadness that I learned today that Nellie Gray had passed away. Nellie worked tirelessly to protect the life of the unborn, and the Knights of Columbus helped her in this work from the very beginning. She never gave up. In those early days when Nellie and I worked together in the cause of life more than three decades ago, the idea that America would have a moral awakening on abortion seemed far-fetched, but she never became discouraged. She simply worked harder. Today, as polling indicates that the tide of public opinion has shifted significantly in defense of human life, we see just how important the March for Life and her hard work have been. Nellie will be missed, and it is now up to us to make sure that her work in defense of life continues.

For access to the recent New York Times article entitled Nellie Gray, Abortion Foe 
and Leader of Annual March, Dies at 88please CLICK HERE.