11/6: From Harvard WASP to Catholic Priest

Brothers at Dunster House with Fr. John Jay Hughes: (L. to R.)
Br. Jim McGlone, Br. Antone Martinho, Br. Juan Carmona, 
Fr. John Jay Hughes, Br. James Hamilton, and Br. Christopher Oppermann

Today, the brothers attended a talk by Fr. John Jay Hughes '48: "From Harvard WASP to Catholic Priest." At his presentation, Fr. Hughes also promoted his new autobiography, 

After attending Harvard College, Fr. Hughes went on to serve for six years as a priest in the Episcopal Church, before converting to Roman Catholicism in 1960 and receiving conditional ordination to Catholic Holy Orders in 1968. 

During his homily at student mass following the talk, Fr. Hughes reminded us of the importance of constant preparation for death and for spending an eternity in the kingdom of God. As the medieval morality play "Everyman" teaches us, only good deeds, and not wealth, fame, or fortune can follow us in death.

After mass, the brothers invited Fr. Hughes to dinner in Dunster House dining hall, where Father shared many great stories about his days at Fair Harvard.